Degen Chain Bridge

Bridge ETH, $DEGEN or any other tokens to native $DEGEN on the Degen chain.

Please note that Degen chain is currently in beta and therefore experimental, please proceed with caution.


How do I use Degen chain?

The Degen chain uses $DEGEN as its native gas token (instead of ETH), so to use the chain you'll have to bridge to $DEGEN tokens on Degen Chain to get started. Start by adding Degen Chain to your wallet using the button above.

How do I bridge $DEGEN to Degen chain?

  1. Select the network and token you want to bridge. If you have $DEGEN select Base and the $DEGEN token
  2. Sign the transactions. If you’re bridging $DEGEN you’ll need to “Approve Token” first and then sign the actual bridge transaction.
  3. Check that you received the $DEGEN on Degen chain by checking the transaction or balance on your address on

How do I withdraw $DEGEN from Degen chain?

  1. Select Degen chain in the “From” section
  2. Enter the amount you want to withdraw to Base. At this time $DEGEN can only be withdrawn to Base directly.
  3. Click “Swap” and confirm the transaction on Degen chain.

How long do withdrawals take? How do I check the status of a withdrawal?

Degen chain is an optimistic rollup and the bridge utilizes the canonical Arbitrum Orbit bridge. As such, withdrawals take 7 days and require two transactions:

  1. Initiate withdrawal from Degen chain
  2. Claim withdrawal on Base after 7 days

All pending withdrawals are viewable on the bridge page by selecting Degen chain as the “From” chain. Once 7 days have elapsed you can click “Claim” here to receive the $DEGEN back in your Base wallet.

Why do I see a very high estimated fee?

If you have insufficient funds to cover both the value amount that you are trying to bridge plus the added cost of gas, your wallet may respond with an unrealistic gas estimate. Try reducing the amount you would like to bridge and submit the transaction again.

How do I reach out if I have issues?

For live support:

How do I see the status of my transaction?

When you submit your transaction, click the “See transaction” button. This will redirect you to view your transaction. If you need to do this manually:

Decent is working on a separate frontend for transaction tracking, stay tuned.

What happened to my funds if the transaction failed?

If you know that your transaction failed, or if you haven’t received your funds on Degen Chain and think that your transaction may have failed, check your WETH balance on Base.

Upon a failed transaction, you will automatically be refunded in WETH on Base.

Why would my transaction fail?

If gas spikes and you don’t have enough slippage, your transaction will fail.